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1. Physics Help
Help provided to university college and secondary school students by expert physics tutors. Physics homework help tutorials solved problem se...
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2. Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe
Online historical atlas showing a map of Europe at the end of each century from year 1 to year 2000. Antiquity Medieval and Early Modern Times are described through d...
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3. Rocket Scientists
A collection of resources relevant to the aerospace sciences as well as some more generic resources intended for a broader...
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4. DNA Paternity Test at Who zTheDaddy?
Providers of a range of DNA paternity tests to suit every need with 99.99% accuracy. Tests can provide answers on sensitive and personal issues handled professionally and confidentially....
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5. Waste Tech Sewage Treatment Systems
All makes of sewage treatment plant supplied and installed throughout the UK and Irela...
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6. JPT - Peptide synthesis
Leading supplier of innovative peptide based products (custom peptide arrays synthesis) and services for the biomedical res...
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7. Austin Renewable Energy
Native specializes in solar panels geothermal heat pumps rainwater collection wind power and other gree...
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8. Water Test Kits water test kits identify harmful levels of eight different common contaminants in water on the spot: Bacteria Lead Pesticides Nitrates Nitrites Chlorine pH and...
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9. Electronics Project Design Schematics and Circuit
Tips and references which include circuit design parts listing EMC and relia...
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10. Legionnaires Disease Legionella Control - Chemtech
Renfrewshire Scotland UK based specialist in the control of legionella bacteria in water legionellosis risk assessment rep...
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11. Tiny Mosquito - Understanding the Mosquito
Provides information about the mosquito related diseases such as west nile virus and preventitive mea...
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12. Drug Research and Development
Particle Sciences provides the pharmaceutical industry with research development and deliv...
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13. Going Green at Home
Provides tips and information for going green including ways to conserve energy rainwater harvesting and...
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14. Solar Panel Quotes
Receive free no obligation solar panel quotes from a selection of MCS accredit...
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15. Community for OLED/Pled Displays
News and Products about the OLED/Pled Display techn...
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